Mobile applications for iOS

Our team is here to turn your genius idea into a successful mobile application. Our app is always entertaining, easy to be used and last, but not least – with an excellent design. However, to us, it’s still necessary to consider each little detail attentively so that the final product can become both: liked and used by iPhone and iPad users. That’s why we make a robust analysis in advance, as well as precise schemes for the interface. As a result of these, we get as close to the expected outcome as possible.

We also run QA (quality analysis) per each developed iOS app. Once we fully ensure the smooth application work, we send it to you for a check. You will be informed about the progress on a regular basis during the development procedure, so you will always have an idea where we are and what we have done up to now. Moreover – we never continue with the next development stage until we receive your approval about the previous one sent for the check.

Besides mobile application development, our team is here to offer you proper app maintenance and update work. As you know, a quality app has been updated regularly on mandatory.

Mobile applications for Android

This service is identical to the previous one we have already discussed with the only difference that it’s about Android apps specially tailored for Android device users. It’s significant to mention that our team is opened to work in different spheres – including business, entertainment, social and other types of apps.

Consulting services – publishing your app in Google Play and AppStore

Our company provides professional assistance for registration and uploading of the developed apps on the two big app markets. Note that we put the risk of disapproval to the minimum. In addition to this, we help your app to get as popular and visible on the market as possible to get you a significant number of downloads.