Here’s why your business needs a mobile application

In 2017 year the unknown to anyone company Rovio was rated at a couple of billion of USD, which happened just two years after the company’s debut on the mobile market. The huge success and the accompanying shock due to so big profit made literally in no time put have put all companies from the mobile software and development sector on the alert. Within the search of an answer for the reasons that have brought Rovio to such a big breakthrough, competitors realize that there’s actually nothing weird or illogical in the company’s fast enriching.

How did Rovio become a billionaire company in a few months only? The answer, as a matter of fact, is very simple. The company has just focused on the right segment from today’s digital business – the segment of mobile apps and to be more specific, it has created a game. This game was of an Angry Birds game type and the truth is that Rovio’s profits did not happen by chance. Everyone within this business segment can achieve them, too. Rovio just knew when and how to make the shot.

What we are trying to tell you now, guys, is not to generally change your business direction – like leaving aside your core activity and replace with games for mobile devices. We are trying to tell you that the mobile app is something like an unofficial king in the digital sphere nowadays and your personal audience would definitely agree with this. Statistics say that more than 79% of today’s internet traffic is mobile. And here’s one more significant stat – within the previous 2018 year, more than 90% of the mobile traffic was spent on mobile apps.

In short, we are here to prove that your business isn’t just going to strengthen its position on the market or to start bringing you solid profits, if you get a mobile app. We are here to tell you that a mobile app is a must for your business. Here’s why:

An availability of a mobile app is an additional customer value

The conception behind the extra customer value you should bring to your audience is at the core of the new marketing concepts in the 21st century. According to this conception, the customers have become not only smarter or informed, but also more pretentious. On the other side, they are eagerly heading to the stage of over satisfaction and a lack of any extra in your business, which is, though, available in any of your competitors, will literally kick you out of your loyal customer’s mind.

The mobile app is also a way to simplify your customer’s life

In general, using a mobile app to entertain yourself, as well as for your business needs, reduces the required time, the mobile data quantity and even efforts in comparison to doing the same things, but through a standard mobile browser. When clients see you offer them proper care, as well as constant updates or improvements for your service, they definitely increase the credibility to your company.

A mobile app can help you position your brand

If you are about to start working on your brand awareness campaign – e.g. your brand is still unknown – the mobile app is additional channel for proper promotion. Meanwhile, if you have already built up a decent image on the market, by offering a mobile app you can expect only an improvement of your image (of course, it refers to the case when the application is a product of a highest quality and design).

The mobile app as an additional alternative for customer support relationship 

Let’s get back to the newest marketing conception in the digital sphere of 21st century. As you might already be aware of, this conception is basically pro-oriented to the customer. And any company’s main competitive advantage is usually the first-class customer support plus the solid net of loyal clients alongside with the stable customer relationships. The mobile app is an excellent way to check these important business goals as done, because they are indeed significant parts of the general successful marketing plan or strategy. Considering the mobile app as a part of your administrative tasks, on the other side, they have turn into additional “windows” for operative communication with the clients, as well as an alternative for getting more feedback for your services, customer opinions that are possible to be used future business ideas and even receiving standard orders or claims.

Speaking of which… the mobile app could even reduce part of your expenses

Besides participating as a platform for execution of standard financial transactions related to your business, the mobile app could even reduce your expenses for the overall inside company’s organization on staff level. With a mobile app you can make team buildings, training and even a full monitoring of each of your employee’s quality of work. Meanwhile, if the app is fully oriented to the customers, it is money-saving, too, because the software might detect problems you could not have even thought about or seen before.

How to literally immediately get profits from your mobile app?

If you are confident about your competitiveness and already proud of having a solid net of loyal clients, you can release a mobile app related to your services. It can get you profits immediately, if the app is paid. However, be extremely careful with such a strategy. You should avoid any risks of facing a reserve effect. Your audience might get more disappointed of the fact they should pay for the app rather than surprised by the fact you release one. Usually, there’s logic to have a paid mobile app, if it is oriented to the B2B sector.

The axiom “higher customer satisfaction, higher profits”

Although there’s no accurate formula to show you in % or concrete numbers of the profit increase, this axiom almost never results in exclusions, but works in any case.  You might have already noticed when the majority of your customers are happy, and your business profits make you happier than before, too. And if you provide your audience a mobile app within or after a dullness (or lull) period, both: customer satisfaction and your profits are guaranteed to increase. Be sure in that! Think about it seriously – even if you are among the leaders in your sphere, you are also a customer on the global market. Ask yourself how often, why and with what motivation you actually use a mobile app? Of course, your business does need to be accompanied by a high quality app, right? The investment and the efforts are worth it and your financial report for the next quarter after the app release will turn into the solid proof you need!

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