Rina 90-day diet – iOS and Android health mobile application

Many of you might have already been on the 90-day diet, but almost all people have probably at least heard of it. We have, too, but the truth is that when practicing it, we have found a couple of difficulties in following the diet. As a result of these we have inspired to develop a mobile app that’s especially devoted to this specific diet. And thus, today you can find the Rina’s 90 day diet – weight loss app in the official App Store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery, as well as download it.


The primary purpose of the app is to present the complete necessary information you need to know about the diet – basic facts about the diet and specially tailored menus regarding the specific days from the 90 day diet. In a parallel with that you also get the chance to add some indicators for your daily progress – kilos you have lost, your waist reduction. Don’t worry about forgetting to check out your progress, as the app isn’t going to calculate it only, but also will notify you about your advance.

Currently, the app is available in Bulgarian, Romanian and English, but since the 90 day diet is popular all around the world (we have concluded that by the stats for total downloads), there are going to be other languages added soon. We promise to release an Android version of the app in the future, too.

You can check out our application website, where there are lots of additional details, as well as a direct link to click and download the product from the Apple store, Huawei AppGallery or Google Play.

And do you have a unique idea for original application development? Well, we can realize it! Just contact us to give us the details, and we will make you an offer right away!

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